More Than a Camera

I have been around cameras my entire life. Sure, the first half of my life may have been filmed with an old Canon film recorder, but a camera all the same. I got my first camera when I was going on a humanitarian trip and I spent my entire trip taking pictures and videos of the kids that we were surrounded by. I didn't know then, but I would find out 3 years later that I love content creating. Content creating is capturing the things that you experience and showing the stories behind every photo and video.

I have learned that photography and videography is more than just smiling people who like to get their photos taken. It is raw and real and can capture emotion. It makes people feel something, and that is my goal. When people look at my work I want them to feel something, whether it be joy, sadness, excitement, hope, courage, or anything in between. I am more than a content creator, I am a storyteller who wants to live a life worth capturing because if I won't do it, who will?

xoxo- Abi Greer